July 2, 2016

Riding Through Oakland with the Original Scraper Bike Team

Tyrone Stevenson, better known as Baybe Champ, is East Oakland's "Scraper Bike King." Back in 2007, he and his cousin Avery Pittman started the Original Scraper Bike Team, teaching young people in the Bay Area how to construct, repair and, most importantly, deck out their homemade bicycles. After almost 10 years of cruising, Champ and his crew have finally opened The Shed, their own youth-run bike shop.

By: Great Big Story

June 14, 2016

Scraper Bike Grand Opening of "The Shed"

OAKLAND, Calif., – 20 May 2016 – On June 11 2016, The Original Scraper Bike Team will be leading a bicycle ride around East Oakland to celebrate the grand opening of its first youth-led bike shop for the community. The unveiling of “The Shed” is in partnership with the Oakland Public Library and Bike East Bay.

The festivities begin at 12:00pm, June 11, with a group bike ride starting at the 81st Avenue Branch Library, 1021 81st Ave., and proceeding along the Bay Trail, winding up at the “The Shed,” located at MLK Library, International Blvd & 69th Ave. Upon arrival, the party will begin, featuring traditional and vegetarian barbeque, bike-blender smoothies (from a blender powered by bicycles), bike-streamer crafts, bubbles, games, prizes, and more, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at the MLK Branch. Attendees are encouraged to bring out their best scraper bikes

This project began in response to the lack of bike shops in East Oakland at a fix-it clinic run by library staff and scraper-bike volunteers at the 81st Avenue Branch of Oakland Public Library. The new dedicated Scraper Bike Shed, housed in a former shipping container, is the latest step in the Scraper Bike Movement, which gives youth in dangerous communities a positive outlet that is fun, educational and promotes healthy lifestyles.

About The Shed
The Original Scraper Bike team has helped youth in East Oakland to refurbish, fix, repair, and customize bikes of all styles since 2008, sparking creativity by promoting positive leadership, and a bike as a alternate transportation choice to hundreds of youth and lower income residents each year.

For the first time ever, The Scraper Bike Team will have a dedicated, youth-lead bike shop space to help even more community members of all ages fix up their bikes, learn new skills, and help make their community even greater. At a Oakland Public Library.

In 2015, 81st ave library start a bike fix-it clinic. Seeing that there was no bike shops locally, library staff & scraper bike volunteers began offering free bike workshop. Where Patriots could come get minor bike repairs, tuneups and/ or decorations for there bike.now most libraries have Bike parking & locks for visiting patriots.

KQED Presents: The Scraper Bike Team: Riding as One

Yes, The Original Scraper Bike Team is filled with elementary and middle school-aged kids, riding in formation through the streets of East Oakland, their bikes festooned in richly colored foil and tape. But there is more to this group please watch and enjoy.

Looking Back at 2015

2015 was another successful year for us. We accomplished so much with the limited resources given to us. Heres a brief list of event and things we were apart of.

Starting off we finally released our 2nd big hit from founder Baybe Champ "On The Scene"

-Ribbon Cutting of the East Bay Greenway
-Exploratorium Exhibit
-Pedal Fest Jack London
-East Bay Bike Party
-Sunday Streets San Fransisco
-5 point Film Festival
-Earth Day Events
-Safe Routs to School
-Golden State Warriors Parade

Riding Bikes with Candy Colored Rims in Oakland
(In memory of Avery "AP" Pittman - Cofounder of the Original Scraper Bike Team)

Looking Back at 2014

In a nut shell the Original Scraper Bike Team Inc. has been constantly progressing, building new partnerships and collaborations. Heres a brief list of events and features we were apart of in 2014.

Starting 2014 with our Levi's Commuter

-SF Bike Expo
-Los Altos Museum of History (Scraper Bike Exhibit)
-Pedal Fest Jack London Square
-Earth Day
-Bike to Work Day
-California Bike Summit
-Love Our Lake Day
-San Fransisco Magazine (Back Story Feature)

Also we collaborated with Red Bullentin with a short doc.

March 22, 2013

Customizer-in-Residence @The Oakland Museum of California


I’m movin’ on my scraper bike
I’m cruisin’ on my scraper bike”

—From The Trunk Boiz’ “Scraper Bike”

When the world sends you signals that it plans on leaving you behind or when digital divides begin to feel like Grand Canyons, what can you do? If you are Tyrone Stevenson, you start a true movement, The Scraper Bike movement. Tyrone’s movement asks that you find your own upward mobility, cross lines, take leaps like daredevils over blocks and tracks while using the mass-produced and sugar coated wrappings of corner store candies to make your life the sweetest ride ever. Yes, a movement has a leader and a soundtrack but in the case of the Scraper Bike Movement, it has a bike that The Trunk Boiz remind you, “Got rims on candies, slappin’ too” and a reminder about trailblazers like Tyrone, “Don’t think I’m finished, I’m only halfway through.”

OMCA is hosting Bay Area experts in the gallery to lead demonstrations and hands-on activities for visitors that exemplify customization.

Fri 01.04.13 through Sun 01.06.13 1 - 4 pm
Tyrone Stevenson and his Scraper Bike crew started working on a bike during the
December Art Murmur. Watch him complete the project during his Customizer Residency and learn how to make your own Scraper Bike.

To Scrape Out:

Means to customize a bicycle in the scraper style. This may include spray painting the frame and embellishing the spokes of the bicycle wheels using duct tape, aluminum foil and candy wrappers.

Tips for Scraping Out Your Bike:

Colors! Colors! Colors! Think outside of the box when selecting colors for your scraper bike.
Recycle: Save and reuse your candy wrappers to decorate the spokes.
Think about the whole bike not just the parts.
Be creative and think outside the box.
How would you “Scrape Out” this bicycle? Show me how you scrape and join the conversation @

—Oakland Rover

August 27, 2012

"Scraper Bikes For Life" Saves Lives in Oakland"

On this day, the bikers were special guests of Sony Pictures at a special event, tied to the release of the film, Premium Rush on Friday, August 24. The film, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight), is a big-budget, PG-rated action-adventure thriller, tailor-made for the urban bicycling crowd. It's big city, car-chase action, but with bikes. Gordon-Levitt's character is a daredevil Manhattan bike messenger who rides a "fixie," a customized bike with only one gear and no brakes. One of his deliveries leads him into an undercover world from which he must escape the only way he can--by pedaling furiously through city streets, dodging cars, taxis and pedestrians and riding like hell. The film reflects the growing nationwide interest in bicycling as both a pastime and a healthy way of life. Today, the occasion was the "Scraper Bikes for Life" contest, to determine which of these colorful mobile masterpieces would earn a special prize from the studio: a customized "fixie" by Republic Bikes, ridden by Joseph Gordon-Leavitt on the red carpet at the New York premiere of Premium Rush. (Disclosure: The author organized the "Scraper Bikes for Life" event.) (To read the full article, Click Link ---> Huffington Post.com)

May 30, 2012

The Original Scraper Bike Team Inc.

Were currently doing some background reconstruction for the Original Scraper Bike Team as a whole. Please be patient, and brace yourself for the Scraper Bike Take-Over! ( For Business & Collaborations ONLY - Please Email: scraperbikes@gmail.com)